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How to Obtain Our Neat Stuff

1. Download the software and/or books in which you're interested. These downloads are free and you're under no obligation what-so-ever to purchase anything. The programs are fully functional as is. There are no ads, subscriptions or other devices hooked into the software.Yes, you read that right. For a long time these products were offered in the commercial world at the "going rates" which typically varied between $50 and $300 per title. Not anymore. You can read about the decision to make all of these titles freeware in the FAQ. The very small amount of money made on the sale of print textbooks goes to offset the costs of maintaining this website.

2. If and when you've decided that this neat stuff is truly useful, a modest donation to further development and support of free and open resources is suggested. Totally on the honor system. Let your conscience be your guide. 

At one time we used to take direct donations from folks who liked the software, books and other resources found here. After a while we started to re-donate those funds to other not-for-profit organizations that made software tools that we found useful. These days we think it would be easier to not be a middleman, and simply suggest that you support one of the many organizations/individuals that create open source tools or media, or who work to keep the Internet open and free. Some ones we like include Arduino, Open Office, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Mozilla and Wikimedia Foundation



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