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Engineering and Programming Texts

The following are freely redistributable titles appropriate for college coursework. They are each offered under a Creative Commons license. A description of the collection can be found here. PDF is the .pdf format, ODT is the .odt format (Open Document Text), HTML is an online version (thanks to LibreTexts), and PRINT links to Amazon for a printed copy at a very modest price. Kindle versions of the five texts are also available. The very small amount of money made on the sale of print textbooks goes to offset the costs of maintaining this website. If you experience any problems, please check out the mirror sites. For more info, please contact the author.

DC Electrical Circuit Analysis: A Practical Approach:  PDF   ODT   HTML   PRINT
AC Electrical Circuit Analysis: A Practical Approach:  PDF   ODT   HTML   PRINT
Semiconductor Devices: Theory & Application:  PDF   ODT   HTML   PRINT
Operational Amplifiers & Linear Integrated Circuits/3E:  PDF   ODT   HTML   PRINT 
     Filter Plot Addendum for Op Amps & LIC:  PDF  
Embedded Controllers Using C and Arduino/2E: PDF   ODT   HTML   PRINT 

Laboratory Manual for DC Electrical Circuit Analysis:  PDF   ODT   HTML   PRINT 
Laboratory Manual for AC Electrical Circuit Analysis:  PDF   ODT   HTML   PRINT 
Laboratory Manual for Semiconductor Devices: Theory & Application:  PDF   ODT   HTML   PRINT 
Laboratory Manual for Operational Amplifiers & Linear Integrated Circuits/3E:  PDF   ODT   HTML   PRINT 
Laboratory Manual for Embedded Controllers Using C and Arduino/2E:  PDF   ODT   HTML   PRINT  
Laboratory Manual for Computer Programming with Python, Multisim & TINA/4E: PDF   ODT   HTML   PRINT 
Laboratory Manual for Science of Sound:  PDF   ODT   HTML   PRINT 

The workbooks below are condensed versions of the DC and AC Circuit Analysis texts with roughly the same problem sets.
Workbook:  DC Electrical Circuits:  PDF   ODT   PRINT 
Workbook:  AC Electrical Circuits:  PDF   ODT   PRINT

All of the print versions can be found on my author's page, here: www.amazon.com/author/jimfiore

I have created a YouTube channel to support these texts: Electronics with Professor Fiore 

    Other Goodies

My colleague Bill Hunt wrote a nice OER lab manual for introductory digital electonics, Digital Electronics Laboratory Manual:   PDF   DOCX

Here are some open and/or free items that I can recommend. I have used these for my coursework and to create the books and videos listed above.

You don't have to use MS Office! Here are two good office suites that include a word processor, spreadsheet, graphics, etc., and best of all, they're free, open and multi-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS) :  https://www.openoffice.org/ and https://www.libreoffice.org/. I use Open Office for most of my work and it's the primary tool I used to create my OER texts.

SciDAVis Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization is an excellent, easy to use, free, multi-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS) data plotting and visualization application.
XnView is a graphics file viewer and editor. Free for non-commerical use, it is great for manipulating image files.
TINA-TI DesignSoft's free circuit simulator, runs under Windows.
Dia Diagram Editor A nice tool to create diagrams, simple graphs and the like.
OBS Open Broadcaster Software is great for a variety of video needs including creating instructional videos that use your computer desktop.
fre:ac A free audio converter. A useful companion for my free Sample Wrench audio editor/analyzer.

    A Note From the Author

Hi. My name is Jim. I've been a college professor for 40+ years teaching in the areas of electrical engineering technology, computer programming and the science of sound. Along the way I've won a few awards for my efforts (SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship, MVCC Award for Excellence in Teaching, and others). I'm also a musician and an endurance athlete. I established dissidents in the late 1980s as a way to offer various software items that I created, figuring that other people might find them useful as well. Some of these have been commercial and some have been freeware. I also write a lot, including published college text books and lab manuals. Recently, the open educational resource movement has gained momentum (no doubt at least partly propelled by the rising costs of college tuition and texts). As I am no supporter of the growing "corporate-ness" in our society, nor a believer in the dogma that unfettered free market capitalism is the answer to all problems, I decided to do the dissident thing and offer all the titles here free. This includes all of the above technical titles which, if offered by a traditional college textbook publisher, would be fetching in the neighborhood of $100 for a lab manual and over $200 for a text these days. It is my hope that others will do likewise, all of us offering something of value to the community, improving the situation for everyone. An appropriate quote comes to mind:

"We are at the very beginning of time for the human race. It is not unreasonable that we grapple with problems. But there are tens of thousands of years in the future. Our responsibility is to do what we can, learn what we can, improve the solutions, and pass them on."

    - Richard Feynman

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